Kianjahi Housing Project- Housing & Mortgage Loan

Eight years ago, a number of boda boda operators from Nakuru West came together to form a Chama. That Chama registered as Kianjahi Housing Co-Operative Society Limited on 6/10/2011 and began the process of member recruitment among other operators in the same zone. By September 2015, the group had 122 active members each contributing Kshs. 2,000 per week. Majority of the members are boda boda riders (bicycles and motorbikes) who used to live in shanty houses and had a dream to own a home. In the same year, the Housing Cooperative officials met and saw that the Cooperative had recruited enough members to kick-start saving towards a housing project.

The group was advised by Rafiki Microfinance Bank to carry out the project in three phases of 50 houses each. Rafiki financed the co-operative to buy two parcels of land for the construction of initial 150 houses. The bank has also financed construction, where loan repayments come from member contributions. The houses are constructed at affordable cost of Kes. 700,000 for a two-bedroomed house.

Phase one of the project has been completed and handed over a Christmas present for first 50 members last year. The other two phases are in progress and will be completed soon. The housing cooperative’s procedure of allocation of houses is through balloting; they did a fair and transparent balloting of the houses. All members continue contributing regardless of the phase they are in since the vision is to construct houses for all the members. The cooperative has come up with a tenant purchase agreement which is signed by every member who is given a house, to instill discipline in contributions and maintain acceptable standards for the houses.

This story has motivated many Nakuru residents. The project has drawn attention from SACCOs and Chamas from many counties including Nakuru, Laikipia, Makueni, Nairobi, Kajiado and Uasin Gishu. So far, over 28 SACCOs and Chamas have visited the project.

Foundation: Kianjahi Housing in Nakuru County

Phase One: Kianjahi Housing

Lawrence Kioko -Agribusiness Loan

Lawrence Kioko is a budding business man operating in Machakos town. The urge to be self-employed led him to quit employment in the year 2000 to venture into business. He operates an electronics and second hand shoes shop and has recently ventured into agri-business.

“I have always wanted to venture into agriculture because I believe farmers feed the world,” he says.

Indeed, agriculture is well known to be the backbone of Kenya’s economy. He borrowed money to start a farming business. He used part of the money to purchase one acre piece of land and the rest to cultivate it. He is making returns from his farm and is now looking to expand.

To ensure steady supply of water for irrigation Lawrence bought a water tank and an irrigation kit. He currently supplies fresh farm produce to individuals and businesses in Machokos and Makueni County.

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