Rafiki SACCO account

This account has been suited to SACCOs that are looking for reliability, efficiency and attractive yields.


  • SACCO daily operations
  • Project funds
  • SACCO Dividend
  • Collection account ( receiving account for SACCO members / debtor payments)
  • Disbursement account (e.g. payment to suppliers and payroll processing)
  • No minimum operating balance
  • Cheque Book available
  • Affordable mobile banking
  • Account accessible at any branch
  • Bankers Cheque available


  • Free cash deposits 
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Competitive interest rates for amounts above Kes 20,000
  • 7 day Banking at our Biashara street and Kitengela Branch

SACCO Reserve deposit account.

This provides societies with an avenue to save and comply with the new legislation requiring all societies to put aside 20% of the surplus before payment of dividend and interest in liquid cash.


  • No minimum operating balance
  • Cheque Book available
  • Nil charge on incoming funds via EFT / RTGS
  • Account accessible at any branch


  • No monthly ledger fees
  • Sweep facility for excess funds directly into and out of a call deposit account
  • Transactional advises provided to confirm transfers [EFT, TT, and RTGS].
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager

Fixed deposit

For surplus funds that may need to be invested, we are able to offer competitive pricing on our fixed deposits.


  • Flexible options for additional deposits with no penalties
  • Applicable interest rates are negotiable and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure maximum returns in line with market developments
  • Called and Fixed Deposit receipts will be issued and delivered on the day after booking the deposit
  • Minimum tenure is 30 days on fixed deposits and 7 days on call deposits.

a). SACCO Working Capital Loan

  • Bridges finances for SACCO ordinary business and short term facilities to meet their obligations and onward lending whilst having placed funds with the Bank under various investment options
  • Applicable interest rates are negotiable and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure maximum returns in line with market developments
  • Short Term Loans or Overdraft Facilities for a maximum tenor of 12 months
  • Approval done within 48 hours

b). Development Investment Loans

  • For the development of projects such as; Expansion of facilities, acquisition of land by the SACCO for Development.
  • Onward lending for development initiatives for SACCO members.
  • For investment in IPOs, purchase of Stocks, bonds etc.
  • Flexible collateral requirements for facilities not secured by Fixed Deposits.

c). Asset Financing

  • For SACCOs, interested in purchasing motor vehicles such as staff buses or other official vehicles, financing can be availed for the same.
  • Competitive pricing for both new and second hand vehicles
  • Insurance Premium Financing available.

d). Staff Schemes

This is unsecured personal lending products at highly competitive interest rates that will be made available to the SACCO staff.

Products under scope:

  • Car Loans.
  • Micro Assets
  • Salary advance
  • Educational loans
  • Mortgages
  • Insurance Premium Finance (IPF)
  • Health Insurance
  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • Money transfer services including Western Union, Money Gram, and Instant cash
  • Mpesa money solutions.